This Page is designed to help Calculate Payments due to the Child Support Agency. The CSA Calculator is free as it is based on the old pre-2003 calculation.

Regardless of your outgoings the new calculation is:
  • 15% of your Net income for one child
  • 20% for two children
Remember to take into account and bank loans, mortgage payments or other extra payments , say credit card settlements as this may affect what you pay.
If you have to get a loan or credit card , go for one of the big names if possible such as Alliance and Leicester, Barclays, Natwest, Nationwide, Halifax or Lloyds/TSB.
If you want to make a donation use the Paypal link or click on an ad. Equivalent services provided by solicitors and the like will cost you around Fifty pounds.
There is a link to the CSA site. Get a hold of document CSA2001.
Check out the financial tips for info on Stoozing and New Account offers
This calculator will help you assess how much has to be paid. This is a guide.